Ladies and Gents! It's been some thyme that I've dared post anything on newgrounds. I'm egg cited to announce that I will be showcasing a series of works at Melbourne Victoria's Grand Hyatt Exhibtion! It's a Charity Auction to help raise funds for SEA SHEPHARD. 

What I'm looking for is some interesting creatures to illustrate, whether it be insects, animals etc.
Feel free to give me suggestions and I'll certainly endeavour to creating it with my trusty ballpoint pen :D  1171379_143234576372_ScreenShot2015-05-23at11.47.14am.png

Guys and Gals! Been working on a new web comic over the past few days :D
It's called Broken Nation and it's a big story between the old and the new, arcane magic and technology.

So far I only have two pages up but will be getting the rest of it up in no time.

What side are you on?

Check it here!

Feedback would be great! Thanks N-grounders!


New Web Comic underway! 'BROKEN NATION'

Programmers wanted? :D

2011-02-13 20:49:09 by Marcomatic

Hey everybody and anybody out there!
I've Been trying to develop a basic 2d flash game out and looking for an awesome programmer
to do battle with! (work with)
Also looking for some decent music makers too :D

If anyone is interested my website is below just so you know what kind of graphic/animatorial shit I can pull.

Thanks Gays/Guys!!!

Programmers wanted? :D

If anyone's played a game of Hitman you might be interested to partake in this interesting Collbab.
Anyone can join this.

The theme is "How to kill in a professional and "Responsible" manner" to ensure that your target or targets have been eliminated in the coolest ways possible.

The Main character will be a simple hitman of your own creation and your job is to animate any amazing way to assassinate a target, simple as that.

Any Partakers?

"Eliminate Responsibly (Hitman) Collaboration"

Abandoned Outbreak Part 3

2009-02-06 08:51:37 by Marcomatic

Hey guys

For some of you who may know 'Abanoned Outbreak' or maybe noone at all...
I'm looking for some voice actors for a few characters.
Possibly some deep voices with European accents would be fantastic or other possible accents may sound alot better for the characters im developing

if anyones interested feel free to hola or email me here or my homesite

cheers :P


Abandoned Outbreak Part 3

Hi guys
This little series 'Abandoned Outbreak' is an emerging story that was only recently brought to Newgrounds this year.
I'm hoping to expand on the storyline and develop more episodes during the next year.
So far, I've gotten good reviews from the first two parts of Abandoned Outbreak and I'm keen on developing future storyboards soon :D

Av a look at part 2 on the front page :D

If anyones interested and has the vocal talent to play a number of accents I'd be most grateful :D

Thanks :D


ABANDONED OUTBREAK- Anyone up for voices?