Entry #6

Animal Impressions Charity Auction - Creature Suggestions

2015-05-22 21:52:19 by Marcomatic

Ladies and Gents! It's been some thyme that I've dared post anything on newgrounds. I'm egg cited to announce that I will be showcasing a series of works at Melbourne Victoria's Grand Hyatt Exhibtion! It's a Charity Auction to help raise funds for SEA SHEPHARD. 

What I'm looking for is some interesting creatures to illustrate, whether it be insects, animals etc.
Feel free to give me suggestions and I'll certainly endeavour to creating it with my trusty ballpoint pen :D  1171379_143234576372_ScreenShot2015-05-23at11.47.14am.png


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2015-05-22 22:54:49

Kinda floored by what you've already done! There's certainly a shit-ton of different dogs you could do, plus everyone loves dogs... How about an orangutan, like Clyde from Every Which Way But Loose (Clint Eastwood brawler flick)?

Marcomatic responds:

Cheers, VicariousE ! Will definitely consider illustrating an Orangutan and yes agreed, Lots of breeds of dogs to work on :) I can see a Pug in the workings!


2015-07-15 19:33:37

Bats have always been my favorite animal. That might be a cool thing for you to make. :)

Marcomatic responds:

Briiliant Suggestion! I'm onto it! ^_^ Danke Kindly!


2015-07-23 15:15:22

Red Panda? or maybe an armadillo?

Marcomatic responds:

Both are great suggestions! Didn't think of those.. thankyou sir!


2015-12-21 01:14:00

Need to make a book of these! Like an anthology of various creatures you've designed.